Action Plan for a Safer Saskatchewan

We the undersigned call on the Government of Saskatchewan to:

Provide immediate financial relief for all:

  • Give all residences, renters and small businesses free, power, phone, internet and home heating through Saskatchewan's community owned Crown Corporations. 
  • Suspend property tax collection for residences and small businesses and replace those municipal revenues.
  • Implement universal Pharmacare.

Protect the most Vulnerable:

  • Short term housing and a transition to permanent housing for all homeless.
  • Provide supplements for individuals on social assistance, fixed incomes and seniors to help cover added costs given the reduced availability of social supports.

Increase Workers Safety:

  • Covid 19 testing for all healthcare workers and essential workers, testing for community transmission.
  • Implementation of 15 days of paid sick leave for all workers, eliminate requirements for sick notes.  
  • Form a council of workers representatives to be included in all government decisions affecting essential workers, representatives being appointed by unions representing those industries.

Address inequality: 

  • Ensure remote and rural reserves have access to all the necessary medical supplies and medicine they need. 
  • Healthcare and services to refugees, international students and foreign nationals trapped in Saskatchewan.