What We Do

  • CLC programs
  • Day of Mourning
  • United Way Day of Caring
  • Labour Day Celebrations
  • Labour Education
  • Network and Coalition Building
  • Labour Awards
  • Strike Support
  • Unions of Regina Christmas Dinner
  • Lobbying Governments
  • Equity Educations and Support

Unions Working Together

Labour Council activities provide opportunities to share information about issues that affect your union, your members, and your community. By identifying issues, we can build awareness, support, and collective action.

When locals participate on a regular basis at the Labour Council, other participating locals are made aware of the issues well before any conflict, strike, or lock-out takes place. This insures community and union support can be given quickly in an effort to resolve problems.

What the Regina & District Labour Council offers your delegates and your union:

  • The opportunity to report on issues affecting your membership.
  • Information about issues affecting unions in the area.
  • A network of activists and resources for support.
  • A way to take action and reach the larger community with your issues and concerns.
  • A progressive voice in the community.
  • An opportunity to grow and develop as an activist and as a leader within our community and the Labour Movement.
  • The satisfaction of being part of a group that is working towards a better community and a better society for all.